The Tiger in Me

I’ve always known I was different. There was a tiger in me that got me into trouble at school and made all the boys hot under the collar. My mum always told me, if you’ve got, it flaunt it – and flaunt it I did.

As I grew up I loved nothing better than slipping into a sexy outfit and taking a trip to my local bar. Guys would gravitate towards me and I never had to pay for drinks. It was great to know that I could have an amazing night out any time I liked without spending a penny out of my own purse.

But I was still grinding away in a boring office job during the day and hated every minute of it. I always found myself dreaming of a better life. A life with more excitement, more fun and more money.

Then one day I met Ella in a bar. Girls are normally so jealous of me, but she came right up and started chatting. After a while she told me she was a lap dancer in a nearby club and was earning hundreds of pounds every night for basically, flaunting what she’d got. She gave me a card and suggested I come along to her club for a try out.

That night as I lay in bed I couldn’t sleep. I had so many thoughts whirring around in my head. If I took the plunge and tried out, would I be selling my body? Would I be exploited? Then I remembered how many guys had bought me drinks that night simply for being friendly and chatting to them. They had spent their cold hard cash and what had they really got out of it? A quick chat with a pretty girl.

Suddenly, I realised I was already doing the job, just for a lot less financial benefit than I could get if I made it official. I love dancing, love gorgeous underwear, love feeling sexy, so why hesitate?

The next night I was sitting in the bar of the club that would become my new home from home and Ella was taking me through a typical night. She told me some amazing stories about the incredible gifts and gargantuan tips she’d been given by some of the rich businessmen who frequented the club. She told me about the famous faces she’d danced for and the amazing holidays, designer clothes and luxury lifestyle she could afford now.

Since she’d decided to take the plunge Ella had never looked back – and I couldn’t see any reason not to give it a go myself. I handed in my notice at work the next day and within a week I was ready for my first night as a lap dancer.

My very first performance was a liberation and since then my life has been one big whirlwind of glamour, excitement and fun, so pop back soon if you want to read more about my adventures.

Next Week – My very first lap dance goes off with a bang and I meet some intriguing characters at the club.